zaterdag 30 november 2013




Happiness is love, peace & tea time

Milagros Mundo loves Shotimaa tea; 100% organic tea. A tea line of  different flavors ayurvedic green tea. Every flavor is a blend of herbs and spices, blended according to ancient wisdom. Formulated to soothe our senses and balance our chakras. Wrapped and packed in beautiful designed tea boxes. Each teabag comes with an inspirational quote. Besides our Hari tea Buddha giftbox we now have a new giftbox in our tea collection; the Magic box. A giftbox with the twelve Shotimaa flavors; the 7 chakras & the 5 elements. All wrapped and packed in a beautiful illustrated giftbox. 

"To live a blissful life in a wild wild world, we need love, peace and Shotimaa Tea!"