maandag 5 januari 2015



Today on January 5th will be the first full moon of  the new year. Its the kicking off 2015. Consiousness of this full moon is

  " Let go of the Past ~ Welcome the Future."  

Close the moments & memories you've collected of 2014 in the heart and embrace the future. Trust the timing of your life. 

Time for the cycle of the moon cleanse. Cleaning your aura, your magical mineral stones, your home sanctuary. In the shop Milagros Mundo has a collection of cleansing products. We have several purifying waters like the famous Florida water. And for those who like smudging herbs we have Palo Santo & Sage. We also have the accessory like the abalone shells & feathers. Feel free to inform for more information: 

Wishing you all a blessed Full Moon 

Love & Light always