maandag 6 juli 2015


Prayer Flags

Tibetan prayer flags "LUNGTA" for  peace, compassion, strength and wisdom.  The flags consists 5 different colors  with prayers and mantras. The colors represent the 5 Elements:

BLUE     Sky / Space   ~ health & Longevity
WHITE    Air / Cloud ~ Tiger Karma Purification
RED       Fire              ~ Wish fulfilling prayer
GREEN    Water          ~ Tara Compassion
YELLOw  Earth          ~ Windhorse Victory

For centuries the Tibetan Buddhists hang these flags outside there homes and spiritual sanctuaries to bless the surroundings. Each flag consists a prayer or Mantra. The Tibetan Buddhist believe the wind spirits will carry the prayers and mantras around the world for positive energy & peace.  Milagros Mundo has a wide range of Tibetan flags in all sizes and length. So come and get yours. By hanging the Tibetan Prayerflags you wish for Worldpeace and support a Free Tibet. The flags should lose all of its threads  to "Spread good vibes, Love, Peace & Compassion." all over the world