maandag 7 maart 2016


" Where there is Love there is life. Where there is hope there is Faith. Bundle Love, hope, & faith together that's where the Magic begins. "

We congratulate Team #NietLullenMaarPoetsen of  Because we Carry for Sundays Charity achievement at the Benefit " Love Party " by Camping de Lievelinge at the wonderful location Blijburg aan Zee. We were proud to support this charity event with funky & fair Milagros Mundo Goodies for the Lottery. 

Because we carry is a volunteer project for refugees on the Island Lesvos. Founded by two yogi's , Steffi de Pous and Anna Smith, owners of Yoga school Sukha Yoga in Amsterdam. It all started almost 7 months ago by collecting Babycariers for refugee mothers carrying their infants on their long journey. They thought a few friends would donate a babycarier. But the word was spread and they ended with 1000 babycarriers. Arriving at Lesvos they realized that the refugees who arrived over sea needed more than a Babycarier.

They needed dry clothes and food. So now they have donated already over 5000 babycarriers. Because we carry provide primary aid, dry clothes, Bananas at arrival, a meal and tents. Because we carry is a devoted independ volunteer organization by Heart & Soul  ruined by Yogi's. 100% depend on donation. All helping hands & Donations are welcome.

~ Loka Samantha Sukhino Bhavaintu ~



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